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Best Burger Places
in America
Here are the Best Burger Places in America as selected by the editors of LocalEats. The winning restaurants are listed alphabetically and represent the finest burger restaurants in the nation, from coast to coast - a celebration of America's signature dish. Click a link below to read more details (including maps, phone numbers, and days of operation) about one of these great restaurants.

Fort Worth, Texas

This favorite neighborhood hamburger joint built a loyal following in the mid-1960s when the Charles Kincaid Grocery and Market's butcher, O.R. Gentry, acquired the business and began grinding choice beef scraps and making hamburgers for hungry high schoolers. Today, with a few picnic tables up front and old grocery shelves cut down to make stand-up eating counters, this eatery is strictly self-service with no frills. Place your order at the counter for a half-pound, lean-but-juicy grilled chuck burger with all the traditional fixings, plus bacon or chili if you desire. Once your name is called, make sure you use two hands to eat your massive burger.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Whether it's the toy train circling above the boisterous dining room or the signature Zip's Burger that has drawn customers since 1926, Zip's Cafe has long enjoyed its status as a Cincinnati institution. A small, white building with a chimney, an inviting green awning and overhanging flower baskets, Zip's boasts dark wood on its interior walls, tables, bar and chairs. Besides the Zip's Burger, other menu favorites include the Girth Burger, with a split grilled Mettwurst sausage on a toasted bun, a meatless black bean burger, a grilled cheese, a salmon burger and a tuna salad sandwich. Sides include macaroni and cheese, onion rings and fries. Desserts change daily.

Hillsboro, Oregon
Baseball caps cover the high ceiling at the red country cabin with green trim that is Helvetia Tavern. Located in the rural outskirts of Hillsboro near the Portland-Hillsboro Airport, Helvetia serves one of the area's most cherished burgers. The dining room is divided into “all ages” and a “no minors allowed” section, and there's a popular beer garden, as well. The small menu features big, sloppy hamburgers and cheeseburgers, which arrive topped with lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles. A popular choice is the double patty jumbo cheeseburger. Ask for the special “goop” on the side (hot sauce full of diced onion). Get a side of hand-cut fries or onion rings as well. Other popular choices include the grilled chicken sandwich and the fish and chips.

Memphis, Tennessee

Burgers, onions, sour pickles, sweet tea, a slice of house-made lemon ice box pie - Huey's has been serving these meals since 1970, and nearly every Memphian (regardless of age, race, gender or creed) has passed through the well-worn wooden doors that flank the entrance to the flagship Madison Avenue restaurant in Midtown for a bite to eat, a round of beers and the kind of camaraderie that can only come after decades of good business. Entire families cram the many booths, while office workers sit at the polished bar to grab quick meals on their lunch breaks. Couples favor Sunday nights, when Huey's offers top-caliber blues and jazz music for free.

Kansas City, Missouri & Leawood, Kansas

Gourmet burgers and premium beers lead the way at Blanc Burgers + Bottles, from the fine folks at The Drop. The surroundings are modern, ingredients locally sourced, and menu ever changing as the chef's regularly put their own creative twist on an American classic.

Edina, Minnesota

In the burger business, some fight passionately for the right to embellish between the buns. And then there are those who choose not to mess with a good thing, those who believe in the standard architecture of one of America's proudest foodstuffs. If your ideal burger fits the latter description, look no farther than suburban Edina's classic throwback diner, Convention Grill, which dates to 1934. No frills. No monkey business. Burgers aided only by a colossal stack of crispy fries that alone are worth a visit. And what are a cheeseburger and fries without a thick, delicious malt or a cherry and vanilla Coke? The retro décor, complete with a jukebox in the corner and yellow and red plastic squeeze bottles on each table, will remind you of a simpler time, or of Nick at Nite at the very least.

St Louis, Missouri

How often are legendary burgers served alongside a gallery of fine art and antiques? You'd be hard-pressed to find one example aside from O'Connell's Pub, an institution since opening in the city's famed Gaslight Square in 1962. Beveled glass windows, dim lighting - assisted by two chandeliers from the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis - and dark wood paneling create classic pub ambience. Nine-ounce juicy burgers and the hefty roast beef sandwiches (best with rare beef) can prove to be irresistible, but the fish and chips on Friday or rib tips on Saturday are delicious alternatives. The crisp french fries and fried mushrooms are award-winning as well.
East Amherst, New York
Burgers reach an entirely new level at Grover’s Bar & Grill, a small brown roadhouse that was destined to have neon beer signs in its windows. There’s a chalkboard to write your name on if there’s a wait — expect one on weekends, and you’ll know why after sinking your teeth into one of Grover’s 12-ounce burgers on a kaiser roll. Toppings include Swiss, cheddar, blue cheese, bacon, mushrooms and barbecue sauce.

Denver, Colorado

The Cherry Cricket originally opened as Mary Zimmerman's Bar in 1945 and moved in 1950 to its current Second-and-Clayton site in Cherry Creek North. From the start, it was a premier burger joint and remains one to this day, even through several notable owners. They include Bernard Duffy (owner of the famed Duffy's Shamrock downtown) and Eli McGuire, who took over in 1990 and is credited with renovating the restaurant to turn it into a mecca for sports fans, burger aficionados and regular folks who just like to eat and hang out. You can still start with tasty "horzidurvees" of crispy potato skins or hot, creamy artichoke dip served with French bread. Then it's time to move on to a quarter- or half-pound burger to which you can add two dozen toppings, from herbed cream cheese to green-chile strips for a few cents extra.

Los Angeles, California

Before burgers were mass produced for drive-through consumption and marketed by one particularly unfunny clown, the Apple Pan was turning out its famous steak burgers and apple pie. Little appears to have changed since the place opened in 1947, as seating is still limited to a U-shaped counter, waiters still wear white hats, and the menu still sports the same handful of burgers, sandwiches and pies. Some employees have worked here for over 30 years, and regulars, whose tenures here are often just as long, have the protocol down pat. The simplistically delicious burgers come cooked medium with crisp lettuce, dill pickles, sweet relish, a slice of aged Tillamook cheddar and no tomato. (Beware if you ask for tomato - the gruff old men behind the counter who efficiently turn the tables, or seats rather, at lunch will not accommodate such a request, merely because no Apple Pan steak burger has ever been served with tomato in 60 years.


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