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10 Commandments of Dining Out
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From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s John Tanasychuk ( "One of my favorite bloggers, The Amateur Gourmet Adam D. Roberts, will have the paperback edition of his book released on [Oct. 7]. Roberts started cooking in his third year of law school. He gave up law for playwriting and is now a full-time writer in New York.

For one chapter int he book, he got Ruth Reichl, Gourmet magazine editor and former New York Times restaurant critic, to go to lunch. Afterward, he compiled a kind of 10 Commandments of dining out according to Reichl.

  1. Be a regular. Pick a few restaurants and go frequently. They’ll treat you well.
  2. Ask your server for recommendations.
  3. Order what you want to eat, not what you think you should eat based on reviews or other recommendations.
  4. Wear what you want. If the restaurant doesn’t like what you’re wearing, don’t eat there.
  5. Share your food with those at your table.
  6. Be critical, but learn why you don’t like something.
  7. Eat only until you’re full.
  8. Research a restaurant before you go. A simple Google search will do.
  9. Don’t feel compelled to order an appetizer, entree and dessert. Eat what you want.
  10. Don’t ever be intimidated in a restaurant. It’s about getting what you want.

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