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Burger King Pulls Offensive 'Texican Whopper' Ad After Mexican Ambassador Files Complaint
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From the Houston Press Blogs By Robb Walsh: Burger King has announced that it will withdraw its European advertising campaign for the Texican Whopper out of respect for the Mexican culture. The Mexican ambassador to Spain wrote a letter to the company complaining about the campaign, which features a tall Texas cowboy and a short Mexican wrestler in a lucha libre outfit. In the print ads, the wrestler wears a cape that resembles the Mexican flag.

The Texican Whopper ads ran in Spain and Great Britain. The English language tagline was "A taste of Texas, with a little spicy Mexican." In Mexico City, one newspaper complained that the campaign depicted Mexicans as inferior, while another ran an editorial cartoon showing a wrestler eating a burger with a caption that humorously charged that the ads hit too close to home--a jab at the Mexican infatuation with fast food hamburgers and lucha libre wrestling.

The Mexican ambassador to Spain had written a letter to Burger King objecting to a new ad campaign for the "Texican Whopper." The print ads and commercials, which appear only in Europe, feature an unlikely pair of roommates--a tall cowboy who travels by horse and short Mexican who answers the front door wearing a lucha libre wrestling outfit. The Mexican ambassador, Jorge Zermeno, has said the ads "improperly use the stereotyped image of a Mexican."

The television commercial praises the symbiotic relationship between the unlikely pair and shows the Texan reaching the high shelves for the squat Mexican while the muscular wrestler opens jars for the lanky Texan. No doubt it's the tagline for the campaign which got the ambassador's goat: "The Texican Whopper, the taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican."

 The Texan in the commercials is unshaven, keeps his horse in the living room, and can't open a jar of pickles without assistance from the Mexican. So far, no official protests have been filed complaining about the unfair stereotyping of Texans. Here is the commercial:


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