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Behold the Coke Dispenser of the Future
Posted by admin
From Jonathan Bender of The Pitch in Kansas City: "Future robots don't have to be evil: Some of them might help us have a world with more soda choices at our finger tips. Coca-Cola is currently test-marketing the Freestyle ˜ a soda dispenser with more than 100 choices inside a single machine ˜ in southern California. The first machines are in Jack-In-the-Box, where food science is likely a way of life. ... The fountain machine uses flavored concentrates that it then mixes with water and sweetener to produce the selected soda pop. Interestingly, this means drinks can have different flavors from those typically available -- peach, strawberry, or grape Sprite for example. It also suggests a number of unholy types of Fanta. The real eye-opening aspect is just how many brands are owned by Coca-Cola, with everything from water to sports drink options in among the carbonated choices."

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