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Nine of the Weirdest Restaurant Names in Existence
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From SF Weekly's Meredith Brody: Bar food is designed to keep you thirsty as you toss 'em back. Fatty, often crunchy, and above all salty, bar food is so popular there's even a new L.A. gastropub simply called Bar Food. We've culled the nine best from across the country, from classics (nachos and buffalo wings, so common they're now in lowercase) to trendy takes on Brit pub grub (devils on horseback, Scotch eggs).

 9. Dirty Dick's Crab House
This spot in Outer Banks, North Carolina, has a name that makes us want to simultaneously shudder and take a peek inside. A restaurant with the cojones to call itself Dirty Dick's is probably confident about its food, right? Actually, most reviews rate the food mediocre. At the very least, it's worth a trip to get a Dirty Dick's t-shirt.

8. Fingers Wings and Other Things
Those other things referred to in the name? Looks like it's standard fare -- sandwiches, fries, beer, etc. But at least FTOT is, according to its Web site, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania's favorite restaurant!

7. Flavors of Negros
Believe it or not, there's a reasonable explanation for the name of this mall food court eatery in the Philippines. Negros is a province in the country's Visayas region, and, presumably, Flavors of Negros specializes in food from the area. But surely someone must have told the owners that the name might not go over too well?

6. Fu King Chinese Restaurant
A classic example of Chinese translated into goofy English. But seriously, this Lake City, Florida, joint is just another Fu King Chinese Restaurant. Nothing to see here.

5. Cabbages and Condoms
No, the owners of this Bangkok restaurant aren't guilty of a mistranslation. Cabbages and Condoms is, well, a condom-themed restaurant managed by the Population and Community Development Association of Thailand, which funds AIDS awareness, population control, and rural development programs. As you might expect, Cabbages and Condoms hands out free condoms to all who enter.

4. Cock and Camel
Sure, you could take the name of this pub and hotel in Oxford, England, literally, but that's no fun. Rest assured that you'll probably get some dirty looks from hip British pubgoers if you make a snarky comment about the Cock and Camel while inside.

3. Git-Yo Chicken Fish and Burgers
Really, the name says it all. Apparently, not enough people wanted to get their chicken, fish, and burgers from this Kansas City spot. It is now closed.

2. One Phunky Burrito Joint
This now-closed Montclair, New Jersey, restaurant stayed open late and had couches and a TV in the back room for weary stoners. And the burritos? Good, but hardly up to San Francisco standards. Perhaps that's why the Joint closed down.

1. Hitler's Cross
The owner of this Mumbai cafe was forced to change the name to the Cross Cafe due to (surprise, surprise) public outcry. Knowledge about the Holocaust is fairly limited in India, and Cross Cafe owner Punit Sablok apparently "didn't expect that [the name] would snowball into major controversy."

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