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10 Worst Dining Trends of Past Decade
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From Christopher Borelli of the Chicago Tribune: Decades from now, when you reflect on what dining was like during the fledgling years of the 21st century, on a good day you will picture a heartening trend toward comfort food in the wake of Sept. 11 and a well-meaning push toward locally sourced menus.

But on a bad day, when someone asks what the worst restaurant trends of that first decade were, will you be able to shut up? One restaurant type cracked: "As long as we're not naming names, I'll talk. Because now that you ask this, specific chefs and self-important restaurants are coming to mind."

Then there were those who, like It Boy and New York chef David Chang, when asked to name the worst trends of the decade, simply blurted: "The Cheesecake Factory. The Kobe beef movement was stupid -- it was never meant to be a burger! Sliders are stupid too. Sorry, I mean to say 'a trio of sliders' is stupid. What else? Walls of wine bottles as decoration. The steakhouse craze -- why does there need to be more than a couple of steakhouses in any metropolitan area?"

Then, when his outrage subsided, Chang made an excellent point: "Bad trends were usually good trends. They just got watered down into a really bad, overdone trend."

Here are the top 10 with a link to the full article below:

  • Fried Onion Blossoms
  • Molecular gastronomy
  • The $40 Entree
  • The Communal Table
  • Proudly Obnoxious Fast Food Options
  • Knee-jerk Online Reviews (ie. Yelpers)
  • Foam
  • The Menu as Book
  • The Chef as Media Whore
  • Deconstruction


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