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Super Bowl Party Staple: What are the Best Chips & Salsa?
Posted by admin
SlashFood has compiled a few of the best Super Bowl links on the Web this week. We focus on the appetizer of choice for any self-respecting foodball fan - chips and salsa! Slashfood takes it from here: "When testing salsas, we set some rules. First of all, these are all store-bought, jarred salsas. While almost every supermarket has assorted fresh salsa choices, we felt this would be unfair, as there's just no comparing a freshly made salsa with one jarred months prior. Plus, there just aren't enough fresh salsas available that are also national brands. The best fresh salsas are made locally, and in some instances, on the spot. We didn't include any canned salsas, for similar reasons.

We tested each salsa for its "chunkiness," which is self-explanatory. Some people enjoy a salsa with big chunks, some don't. The next criterion was "freshness," though this is not literal. There are salsas that just taste fresher than others. "Dipability" refers to how the salsa covers a chip, and how hard or easy it is to heave up a mouthful of the salsa. Plus, none of the salsas reviewed were "hot." Most were "medium," so the spice factor is more about boldness of flavor than intensity of heat.

And finally, we picked three brands of chips: Garden of Eatin' Blue Chips, Brad's Blues All-Natural White Tortilla Chips and Tostitos Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips. Each of these chips are great for their own reasons, and we pair them with the salsas reviewed.

The salsa results:

6th runner up: Paul Newman's All Natural Chunky Salsa
5th runner up: Amy's Salsa
4th runner up: Rosa Mexicano Kitchen Pomegranate Salsa (Medium)
3rd runner up: Mrs. Renfro's "Smoky" Roasted Salsa
2nd runner up: Desert Pepper Trading Company Corn, Black Bean, Roasted Red Pepper Salsa
1st runner up: Salpica Texas Picante Salsa
Winner: Green Mountain Gringo Salsa

Go to Slashfood read all the descriptions and Chip winners.


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