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Portland International Beerfest, July 16-18, 2010
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2010 Dates and Times
Friday     July 16     4pm-10pm
Saturday     July 17     12pm-10pm
Sunday     July 18     12pm-7pm
 - Entry includes PIB glass & 10 beer tickets
 - More tickets available for $1 each
 - All beers are 4oz. servings
 - Beers cost 1 to 6 tickets, depending on how much it costs us.
 - Prices are NOT based on rarity.
 - There are dozens of 1 ticket beers. Usually over 50.
 - $5 for non-drinkers (includes free N/A bevs).

PIB now offers the VIP EXPRESS PASS

Available only by advance purchase Online HERE
Click on the links above or go to our FAQ's for details.
Just $35 and you get:
 - 30 beer tickets (our best deal)
 - Early entry w/ "behind the scenes" beer drinking
 - No waiting in line to get in...ever.
 - VERY limited availability

Re-Entry Policy
Free re-entry: COME BACK ALL 3 DAYS!
(must have glass & wristband.  NO Exceptions)

Fair Warning
With this many great beers, it’s hard to keep them all in stock
throughout the weekend. Please come early to avoid missing
out on the Best of the Fest.  Selections may be limited on
Sunday. There are no refunds for unused tickets or because
certain beers are out of stock. If we are out of your favorite
beer, it is most likely because Jack Hooley drank it all.

Damn Good Food:
Hot Dog Joe's BBQ  Tube Steak From Hell
Mt Townsend Creamery
Koi Fusion

Free stuff!
Darts (real darts), backgammon, checkers/chess,
and other pub games are available for free

Johns Market
Uber Tavern
Park Lane Suites
Showcase Music

Contact information

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