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Chicago Top Chef Won't Allow Kids to Ruin Brunch
Posted by admin
From Eater.Com's Paula Forbes: "When former Top Chef cheftestapant Dale Levitski starts serving brunch at his Chicago restaurant Sprout on March 20, don't expect to be able to bring your kids along: They're not allowed. This will be difficult for some, because Sprout is located in a neighborhood that's generally kid-friendly. However, as Levitski says, "[Sometimes you] go out to brunch and there are kids smashing Cheerios next to you." It's unclear how strict they'll be about the rule, because as Levitski says, "It's not that we're being haters...We just don't have a kids menu." The restaurant does have one high chair (but just one). Anyway, we're sure the stroller class is going to get up-in-arms about this."

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