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In 1995, Magellan Press published the first Where The Locals Eat® dining guide. The premise was simple: Guide travelers to the best local restaurants in America. Our target audience was then, and remains today, the person seeking to experience the local dining scene of an unfamiliar town, while avoiding ubiquitous chain restaurants at all costs. Under this mantra, Magellan Press published nearly 20 national, regional, and city editions of "Where The Locals Eat", building the trust of savvy travelers and discerning diners across the country. 

In 2008, LocalEats® was introduced to iTunes as one of the first apps for foodies. LocalEats for iPhone quickly became a hit with users and landed atop many "must-have apps" lists. The reason? Our digital guide contained the same great local restaurant content, but the experience was now enhanced by integrated location-based features, convenient search tools, and unparalleled convenience – it is in your pocket!

LocalEats for iPhone, Android and iPad take advantage of the newest technologies to deliver content, but our methodology remains strictly "old school". All our editors' picks, category winners and detailed reviews are created by our devoted editorial and research staff (yes, humans) - no bots or database uploads. Restaurants cannot pay for inclusion to our database (though suggestions are welcome) - each restaurant is hand picked and entered individually, based upon their own merits. And, though we're a fan of social media, crowd sourcing for a place to eat is simply not our style. We believe that readers would rather rely on authoritative opinions - those of travel writers, restaurant critics, respected bloggers, and food editors - rather than anonymous web posts. 

Though technology, publishing, media  and delivery platforms will continue to evolve, our mission will remain the same — to seek out the best local restaurants everywhere and share these discoveries with our readers. 

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LocalEats Features:

  • Find nearby instantly
  • See restaurant deals
  • Save favorite restaurants and cities
  • Get driving directions
  • Read detailed descriptions
  • Submit comments to restaurants
  • Search by cuisine, price, neighborhood or amenities
  • Sort by award winners
  • Share your favorite restaurants with friends
  • Quickly view local area map
  • No national chain restaurants listed
  • Call or make dining reservations
  • Schedule a taxi to get you there or take you home
  • Read menus
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Since 1995, "Where The Locals Eat" and LocalEats dining guides have featured locally owned restaurants across America. From the finest steakhouses and sushi bars, to classic burger joints and roadside barbecues, LocalEats recommends unique restaurants to suit every taste and price range. More
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