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Restaurant Menus on LocalEats and a Macworld Mention
Posted by Charlie Harris

Great changes are afoot, LocalEaters. LocalEats 2.4 is officially available for your iPhone, and with the new update come exciting, significant improvements to our app. First and foremost, updated restaurant menus are now available (on the app as well as our website) for most of the great locally owned restaurants listed. For further details, we'll defer to the latest review by Philip Michaels of Macworld.

"Exacting foodies use the LocalEats restaurant finder on their iPhone to track down the best places to eat in a particular city. Thanks to the latest update to the app, they'll also have a pretty good idea of what will be on the menu when they get there. Version 2.4 of the mobile restaurant finder, which hit the App Store Wednesday, adds menus to many of the restaurants listed in LocalEats. The developer of LocalEats struck a partnership with SinglePlatform, a company that specializes in promoting local businesses, to add that information to the iPhone app. ... Tap on a restaurant listing and scroll down the page past the summary information about an eatery, and you'll find a See the Menu button wedged between buttons for making a reservation or visiting the restaurant's website."

In addition to the new menu feature, LocalEats 2.4 also displays daily deals at restaurants in your area via Bitehunter. For further information on the daily deals, follow the link.

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