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The Edible Web: Food Trends, Obama-Kebab and Extreme Egg Nog
Posted by Charlie Harris

The Huffington Post predicts the food trends of 2012. Chicken skin, sour beer, French dips and mescal are among those listed. My predictions: more foods on a stick, moonshine tastings, and Antarctic fusion - caribou quesadillas and permafrost parfaits for all.

Ronna Welsh of the 2 Minutes to Dinner blog airs her grievances about one food trend that's worn out its welcome: pork belly, offal and other fatty animal products on everything.

A Middle Eastern food stand in Sweden draws attention for its bizarre presidential name: Obamas (no apostrophe, of course). I'll have the Obama-falafel and Obama-kebab, but I'll pass on the Obama sausage. 

Serious Eats displays  A Dozen Ways to Upgrade Your Eggnog. No, it's not a list of 12 different liquors.

From College Humor: Oscar Meyer's Brooklyn headquarters introduces Brunchables for hungry hipster kids.

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