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The Edible Web: Late-night Talk Show Edition
Posted by Charlie Harris

Conan O'Brien makes pizza while singing Irish lullabies at Joe's Pizza in NYC. He also horrifies the proprietors with a few Los Angeles pizzas: a squash blossom, hazelnut, egg and crab pizza confounds poor Joe.

From Eater: David Letterman interviews Anthony Bourdain and expresses concern for his health. They discuss his new show (The Layover), the perils of working brunch and Malaysian street food. Letterman also gets on his old man soapbox about food television shows and gluttony. 

An oldie but goodie, John Stewart rips Donald Trump for taking Sarah Palin to Famiglia's for "real New York Pizza." He then waxes poetic about superior pies at Totonno's, Lombardi'sJoe's Pizza and a handful of others. Trump is also seen stacking his slices and eating with a fork. Disgraceful. 

Finally, Jimmy Kimmel makes little children cry -- by encouraging parents to tell their kids they've eaten all their Halloween candy. Oh, the devastation. 

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