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Friday Web Edibles
Posted by Charlie Harris

The Charlotte Motor Speedway debuts a bacon funnel cake for the Bank of America 500 Nascar Sprint. Cup. My faith in American ingenuity is restored. My belief that most of my generation will require a monkey heart transplant before reaching the age of 40 also grows stronger. 

Paul Kita names "The 10 Foods Every Man Must Eat Before He Dies." Why isn't the list gender inclusive: no reason that we can tell, other than the fact that it appears in Men's Health

I've never met a flan that I didn't like. Here's a recipe for rice pudding flan from Serious Eats. 

Chow runs down " 6 Fall Beers You should be Drinking Right Now." You're right, Chow. It's after 5 pm on a Friday: I should be drinking six beers right now. 

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