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The Edible Web: Wednesday
Posted by Charlie Harris

In an interview for Playboy, Anthony Bourdain can't resist a few jabs at some of his usual punching bags (vegetarians, vegans, Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay). Nothing too new, but amusing results nonetheless.

Bon Appetit sets up a photo shoot involving John Hodgman in pilgrim garb attempting to wrangle a 25-lb live turkey.'Nuff said.

KFC continues its disgusting assault on the arteries of the American public with the " Cheesy Bacon Bowl." C'mon KFC, we're trying to have a civilization, here. Further viewing: Here's Patton Oswalt's brilliant take on the KFC Famous Bowl -- a failure pile in a sadness bowl, as he dubs it.

The Senate has rejected President Obama's proposal to limit the amount of potatoes and starchy vegetables served in school cafeterias. Reassuring to know another generation of Napoleon Dynamites will not be without their tots in the lunchroom or during class. 

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