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Posted by Charlie Harris

A tasty compilation of the best food and restaurant tweets of the week.

Twitter tends to be saturated with asinine trending topics, excessive self-promotion and unintelligible tweetspeak that those over the age of 22 may have trouble deciphering. But, it's also proved to be a valuable social media platform for restaurants, celebrity chefs and anyone who can't stop photographing their food. Here are a handful of excellent food-related tweets from the past week. As always, you can find us on Twitter @LocalEaters.

Greg Elwell (@elwelleats): "I don't know you, but there's a better than average chance that I love brie more than I like you." 

There is no love more sincere than a man's love of cheese. 

Don Draper: (@DonDraperSCDP) "No one doesn't like orange sherbet."

In the 60's, refusing orange sherbet was apparently sufficient grounds for abandoning your wife at the HoJo.

Matt Roller: (@rolldiggity): "A customer asked for crushed ice, so I took some cubes out behind the  restaurant and screamed, 'YOU'LL NEVER BE IN A FANCY DRINK!' "

I've heard of alcohol abuse, but this is ridiculous.

Andy Borowitz (@BorowitzReport): "Cable TV is now evenly divided between shows about preparing food and shows about losing weight." 

Paula Deen's cooking show and diabetes drug endorsement deal operate on the same principle. 

Jonathan Gold: (@thejGold): "Soju and level-ten blood sausage boekkum may not have been the best idea for a 1 a.m. snack."

Oof. Even the questionable late-night dining choices of a food critic are still fairly sophistimacated.

Grub Street New York (@GrubStreetNY): "The Kardashian-Fatty Crew restaurant has a name.   Unfortunately, it's not Fatty Kardashian."

Considering the restaurant will be in the Meatpacking District, Grub Street took the high road by merely making a fat joke. Way to not reach for the low hanging fruit (the apple bottom?)

Oh No She Twitnt (OhNoSheTwitnt): "If I met a mad cow I'd just whip out my Cheshire cat and he'd be like 'most everyone's mad here!' and then we'd butcher the cow & eat steaks."

Is it wrong to be slightly excited about the return (or comeback, if you will) of mad cow? I love the 90's!!

Michael Ian Black (@MichaelIanBlack): "Dear President Obama, please make them give us chips and salsa at every restaurant, not just Mexican ones."

This is some truly progressive political thinking. Would love to one day hear the words "Senator Ian Black" on C-SPAN.

Twitter Bird

You tweet, therefore I am. 

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