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Local Tweats Roundup
Posted by Charlie Harris

A tasty collection of the best food and restaurant tweets of the last two weeks.

Twitter tends to be cluttered with asinine trending topics, endless self-promotion and unintelligible tweetspeak that those over the age of 22 may have trouble deciphering. But, it's also proved to be a valuable social media platform for restaurants, food photographers and celebrity chefs. Here are a handful of excellent food-related tweets from the past couple of weeks. As always, you can find us on Twitter @LocalEaters.

Andrew Knowlton ( @AndrewKnowlton): "Something about multi-colored tortilla chips that makes me think less of Mexican joint serving them. Justified?"

Completely. Goes doubly for places that serve radioacative neon green margaritas.

Alton Brown (@AltonBrown): "I am turning away from my media career to focus exclusively on producing artisanal bacon-bit peanut butter."

Though we've gone too far with bacon-infused everything, I'd get behind this.

Matt Yglesias ( @Mattyglesias): "Has anyone in human history ever gone to a restaurant website and been disappointed by the absence of music?"

Nope. I also doubt anyone's ever bemoaned the lack of Flash Animation on a restaurant website. 

John ( @sarcasticapple):"Restaurant bills sometimes come with complimentary mints, it would be nice if electricity bills came with a little bowl of AA batteries." 

Conan O'Brien  ( @ConanObrien): "Anyone else worried that we're in the midst of a cupcake store bubble?"

Less worried and more ready for it burst. 

Tumblr Funniest Post ( @tumblrfunniest): "My friend said 'Onions are the only food that can make you cry.' That was before I hit him in the face with a watermelon. #tumblrfunniest"

I guess someone had to pick up the slack following Gallagher's retirement. 

Ray Isle ‏ (@islewine): Ad on the subway for soup w 'artificial goat flavor.' Why do I find that so much more disturbing than artificial beef flavor?" 

Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏ (@neiltyson) "Yup. If pasta & antipasta ever touch, they annihilate. For your safety, that's why restaurants never serve them together."

World's funniest astrophysicist. How can you not love this guy? 

Kat Kinsman ( @kittenwithawhip): "Just read the phrase 'penetrates deeply into the ham' in a press release & may need a moment to heal." 

Not sure how that got by their copy editors.


Don't call me Tweety. 

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