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Local Tweats Weekly Roundup
Posted by Charlie Harris

An index of the week's tastiest restaurant, dining and food entertainment tweets. 

Eric Cunningham (@EricCunningham) gives chips the gravitas they deserve: "When I eat chips alone in the kitchen, I imagine my life shown on a 4-way splitscreen with whatever world leaders are doing right then."

Spike Mendelsohn (@ChefSpike): The former Top Chef contestant and chef/owner of Good Stuff Eatery and We, The Pizza wins the photo of the week award by capturing a delightfully morbid combination of death and bacon in his picture, captioned " The most glorious afterlife".

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (@biggayicecream): If they ever get bored running their big gay successful mobile creamery, the guys behind the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck may have a future in game development: "I want to start a new game craze. It's kinda like paintball, but you just have a satchel of cupcakes to peg people with. Wanna play?"

Ottavia Bourdain (@OttaviaBourdain): MMA enthusiast/Anthony Bourdain's better half weighs in on food, technology and failure: "I'm so out of it today I just answered the Shake Shack buzzer as if it was my phone #fail."

Village Voice (@VillageVoice): The twitterverse was abuzz with updates about Lady Gaga's parents' opening a restaurant in NYC. The Village Voice scored with back to back tweets: "Lady Gaga's parents' restaurant is getting panned by critics. 'The calamari [is] like leather.' " followed by "If Lady Gaga wears leather calamari at next year's VMAs, we'll know why." 

Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien): Coco's tweets are worth creating a Twitter account for alone. Highlights of late include "Being a celebrity means I can get any restaurant reservation when George Clooney cancels at the last minute." and "When I really need a good laugh, I just imagine Edward Scissorhands attempting to eat crab legs." 

Food Network Humor (@FNHumor): In keeping with the Conan theme, Food Network Humor tweets "What's More Disgusting Than Watching Guy Fieri Eat? That's right, watching Guy Fieri eating in reverse. Thanks, Conan."

AJC (@AJC): The Atlanta Journal-Constitution cleverly re-wrote one of their own headlines: "Waffle House driveby: Targets scatter as #Lawrenceville Hwy restaurant smothered, covered with bullets." (No one was injured.)

That's all folks. If you care to follow us on Twitter or come across a food-related tweet worthy of Local Tweats, find us @LocalEaters.


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