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The Edible Web: On the Wings of Chickens
Posted by Charlie Harris

All the chicken wing news that's fit to print during Super Bowl Week.

It's Super Bowl week, and the hype for "The Rematch" is inescapable. But almost as ubiquitous as the coverage of the game are recipes for Super Bowl worthy snacks. Specifically, countless recipes for chicken wings are taking over the internet. It just may break under the heat of Frank's Red Hot mixed with butter. Not that there's anything wrong with this. Be they glazed with teriyaki or Scotch Bonnet sauce, jerked or smoked, drumettes or flatties, chicken wings certainly deserve their own week in the national spotlight. Unless they are boneless. That's just creepy. Without further ado, here are a handful of wing-related articles and recipes from the web.

Food & Wine restaurant editor Kate Krader runs down the  best chicken wings in the country, via Eatocracy. Included rightfully, is The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, the alleged birthplace of chicken wing in 1964.

Serious Eats attempts to perfect the chicken wing with thorough experimentation. Freezing and double frying are among the techniques practiced to produce that perfectly blistered skin. 

Epicurious posts Jean-George Vongerichten's recipe for hot wings. Looking fairly fiery with Scotch Bonnet hot sauce and diced jalapeno.

The Food Network Magazine  offers a recipe for baked Buffalo wings with blue-cheese yogurt dip ... just in case you want to scoff at your unhealthy friends and their deep-fried enjoyment.

And what good would all these wings be without knowledge of the proper wing eating technique. Huffington Post Food fills us in with some strategy, including this video from LifeHacker. Look ma, one hand! 

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