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The Edible Web: Presidential Edition
Posted by Charlie Harris

Happy Presidents' Day! The magnifying glass on the commander-in-chief has allowed us much insight into the dietary habits of our presidents over the years. For instance, there's Bush Sr.'s hatred of broccoli, LBJ's love of Fresca, Obama's chili recipe and Reagan's obsession with jelly beans (even the much-maligned licorice ones). In honor of Presidents' Day, here are a handful of links on presidents and dining.

Eater NY maps out the restaurants visited by U.S. presidents in " The Guide to Presidential Dining in New York City." Obama and Clinton seem to have a lot in common (Red RoosterIl Mulino), as did Reagan and Nixon (Le Perigord). Rugged individualist Teddy Roosevelt did his manly dining at Delmonico's. Other restaurants of presidential pedigree rounding out the list include Blue HillDaniel, 21 Club and Gabriel's.

Robert Sietsema of The Village Voice ranks " America's Five Greatest Foodie Presidents." Somewhat suprising: wiry and generally unpleasant Andrew Jackson's love of cheese and lavish banquets. Less suprising: Taft was into food.

Serious Eats Chicago gives a thorough rundown of " How to Eat (And Drink) Like President Obama in Chicago." The commander in chief's favorite spots include Manny's Deli, Rick Bayless's Topolobampo and  Valois Cafeteria explores presidents finicky about their food with " Plate of the Union: Picky Presidential Palate."

David Faries of The Dallas Observer conducts a fictional foodcentric interview with former presidents.

And for your viewing edification, Bill Clinton (played by the late Phil Hartman) takes a few moments to mingle with the people at McDonald's near the White House on Saturday Night Live. INTERCEPTED. WARLORDS!

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