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Posted by Charlie Harris

Love it or hate it, Twitter has become a valuable platform for the restaurant and food world. In 142 characters or less, restaurants post specials; food bloggers share recipes and photos; food trucks post their whereabouts; and celebrity chefs communicate with their fans, push their latest projects, and procure even more precious attention (Ooh! A service that puts a number on my popularity!). In short, those afflicted with a food infatuation love them some Twitter. In a new feature for the blog, I'll compile the most interesting tweets of the week from chefs, restaurants, food bloggers, the food entertainment industry and anyone else who tweets about food and restaurants. Oh, and lest I forget the shameless self-promotion (which comprises 95% of Twitter), you can follow LocalEats on Twitter @LocalEaters. Without further adieu, here is the inaugural Local Tweats roundup. 

Andrew Zimmern (@AndrewZimmern): A chronic tweeter, The host of Bizarre Foods does indeed post pictures of various adventurous (un)edibles ( crispy calves brains sandwiches). But he also hosts live tweetups with his fans and isn't afraid to weigh in on NFL football strategy: "Pooch? Fake? Bueller?"

Kat Kinsman (@KittenWithaWhip): The managing editor of CNN's Eatocracy, Kinsman's Tweets are invariably witty and often hunger inducing. One of the week's best: "How you know you just left a good party: unzip your purse & wonder, 'What smells like it's on fire?' (Answer, pig fat caramels.)"

Jack Highburger (@Jack_Around) scored major points with this hilarious Paula Deen related "diabeetus" pic

Scottie L (@MarylandMudFlap):" I've never eaten sushi off a naked woman but I have been asked to put my shirt back on at a Shoney's." 'nuff said. 

Angry Bobby Flay (@AngryBobbyFlay) is a parody Twitter account (not, in fact Bobby Flay) that is exactly what it sounds like: small angry outbursts in the voice of a fictitious, enraged Bobby Flay. "I hope everyone saved room for dessert! If not, I'm gonna serve it anyway and you better pray you find a way to choke it down."

Shelby Fero (@ShelbyFero): College student/budding comedian Shelby Fero has made pithy, semi-depressing Tweets into an art form. Bonus points for her love of cheese and bad puns. Highlights this week include "Weird. This check at IHOP just says 'your dignity.'" and "Putting butter on my table is a contract, restaurants. A bread contract."

Foodiggity (@foodiggity) hit on one of Sunday's bigger trending topics with "Steven Tyler should be put on the No Fly List for that anthem.#NFLSunday".

Ruth Reichl's (@RuthReichl) tweets generally make one's mouth water. All the wonderful things she's devouring and describing could seem braggy and potentially induce jealousy, but her poetic language and soothing aesthetic have the opposite effect. Guess there's a good reason she's paid to write. "LA morning. Making coffee. Squeezing oranges. Toasting bread. A parrot just went flying through the yard, squawking loudly. Can that be?" 

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