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Olympic Dining in London
Posted by Charlie Harris

Day four of the London Olympics is upon us. For locals visiting the games in London, it's easy to get caught up in the drama of the medal count, pointless Dream Team debates, breathless post-swim interviews and underscoring conspiracies. This can be equal parts exhausting and hunger-inducing, and so here at LocalEats we've assembled a list of London's best locally owned restaurants. Sure, the world's largest McDonald's is an interesting monstrosity to gawk at, but there's too much great cuisine to be had in London to bother with it - Ryan Lochte gave up his Mickey D's addiction and it seems to be working out just fine for him. Those traveling with a data plan and searching for restaurants in their vicinity can locate London restaurants by downloading LocalEats for the iPhone and hitting the "nearby" button. Cheers!

Euro Madness 077

A proper fish and chips (travel tip: fish and chips at takeaway joints are far cheaper and often superior to your average pub renditions)

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