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Pi(e) Day
Posted by Charlie Harris

Happy π Day, LocalEaters. Allow me to be the millionth blogger to use this day of 3/14 as a flimsy excuse to write about that crusty, goo-filled wonderment: pie. It should probably have its own week or month, rather than having to split a day with an inedible irrational number, but so it goes. In honor of this crusty holiday, our staff and friends weighed in with some of their favorite non-pizza pies nationwide.

The Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie from the Little Pie Company (New York, NY). Little. Tangy. Delicious.

Chocolate pie from Arnold's Country Kitchen (Nashville, TN). The chess pie is no slouch either.

May Day Pie from Ramsey's Diner (Lexington, KY) made at Missy's Pie Shop. So sacred is the "Derby Pie" in KY that it's trademarked and appears under various coded names at restaurants.

Michigan Sour Cherry Pie from Bubby's (New York, NY) Four pounds of cherries per pie. Oh, my!

Coconut cream pie from Busy Corner (Goodfield, IL)

Deep dish Key lime pie from Guppy's on the Beach (Indian Rocks Beach, FL) 

Apple pie from Wasik's Cheese Shop (Wellesley, MA). Only available during the holiday season. 

Cherry pie from Two Little Red Hens (New York, NY)

Strawberry pie (seasonal) from Esther's Restaurant (Fredericksburg, PA)

Boston cream pie from Marche (Nashville, TN). Nary a bad dessert is produced in Margot McCormack's kitchens. 

Featured blogger Ellen Fork swears by the apple pie from Blue Duck Tavern (Washington, D.C.)

Triple Coconut Cream Pie from Etta's or Dahlia (Seattle). President Obama can't resist Tom Douglas's signature decadent dessert. He's had at least four servings to date. 

La Tarte Tatin (the upside down apple tart pictured below) from Le Gigot (New York, NY). Apple pie need not always be so American.

Pie Day

As an added pie day bonus, enjoy a few pie-related pop culture moments. Find yourself some pie to dive into, but don't ever trust the floor pie.  

Don't ever refuse pie. It will enrage your significant other or co-workers.

Paul F. Tompkins solves the Cake vs Pie problem. I disagree with the conclusion, but applaud the undertaking.

When you have a fugitive situation, never count out the nearest house of pies.

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