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The Edible Web: Mad Men Edition
Posted by Charlie Harris

Stock the bar with Old Fashioned fixins' and dust off your chip'n'dip, the new season of Mad Men premieres on AMC this Sunday. And though brown liquor should be listed among the partners of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, food and restaurants also play an integral role in the show , what with 3 martini lunches with Roger Sterling, exotic, globe-trotting dinners by Betty Draper and lavish pre-theater meals. Heck, Don Draper's new marriage to Megan seems entirely predicated on her non-hysterical handling of a spilled milkshake. Sigh ... who else longs for the salad days of uncomplicated, quiet family dinners at the Draper household?

Many of the New York dining locales featured on Mad Men have since closed (The Stork Club, Toots Shor's), but some are still going strong (it's filmed in Hollywood so they are re-creations of the NYC restaurants). Restaurants that have made an appearance on the show include the likes of P.J. Clarke's, Keens Steakhouse, Barbetta, and La Grenouille. The Grand Central Oyster Bar, though not specifically mentioned, is believed to be the spot of the booze-soaked oyster lunch shared by Don Draper and Roger Sterling.  

Grand Central

Here's a handful of tasty Mad Men links to whet your appetite for Sunday. 

Elizabeth Gunnison of Esquire attempts the Roger Sterling Diet, complete with a post-lunch hike up 21 flights of stairs.

Eater NY provides an excellent city map of Mad Men's restaurants and bars, past and present.

Gridskipper's Mad Men Guide to New York takes it a step further, listing restaurants but also hotels, department stores and the residences of characters. 

Eat Me Daily shares a recipe for Betty Draper's Rumaki, which comes from the Betty Crocker's Hostess Cookbook, 1967

For "everything you need to throw the swankiest Mad Men bash on your block," consult AMC's Mad Men Premier House Party Guide, complete with cocktail recipes, dinner ideas and horrifying (but realistic) cut-out masks of your favorite characters (sorry, creepy Glenn did not make the cut). 

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