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Tuesday Web Edibles
Posted by Charlie Harris

The uselessness of wine experts, disturbing deep-fried foodstuffs and "great big fat lies" of the food revolution on today's survey of the food web landscape. 

Eliane Glaser of the Guardian UK contemplates, "Is the food revolution just a great big fat lie." Some great points about the realities of home cooking vs. what celebrity chefs pretend is normal living. "Reality, normality, hard-working families: this is the mantra of the multimillionaire celebrity chef. But the recipes have trouble sticking to it because, despite the homely trappings, they are essentially restaurant food."

The lofty prose of wine experts: "Kind of useless," to those with "normal tasting abilities," according to a new study, via  The Daily Meal. No wonder I never seem to notice the subtle note of smoked starfruit with undertones of autumnal hackberry. 

Texas continues to overstep the boundaries of deep fried decency at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo's Gold Buckle Foodie Awards. This time the culprits are fried Kool-Aid, fried cookie dough on a stick, and a well-received fried red velvet cake. 

Further developments in deep-fried food crimes: McDonald's Austria introduces the McRibster. The deep-fried boneless mystery meat patty is topped with bacon, pepper-jack, lettuce, onion, honey mustard and a chili sauce. Suddenly, the Shamrock Shake seems palatable. Via foodiggity


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